About us

Beauty Rediscovered was started in 2014 by two beauty and style enthusiasts. The team at Beauty Rediscovered is made up of award-winning writers and editors who have worked for some of the biggest publishing houses and beauty companies out there. We hope to make you feel inspired, content, and confident with our site.

Colin Noble

Senior beauty editor

Colin is the founder and senior editor at Beauty Rediscovered. He's a styling guru, body grooming perfectionist and wet shave expert.

He founded the website in 2014 after becoming frustrated with the shoddy products at his local drugstore. His goal was to provide women and men with quality beauty products and solutions without breaking the bank.

Kate Tex

Kate Tushoski

Contributing author & writer

Kate is a frequent contributing author and writer at Beauty Rediscovered. She's a makeup, hair and skincare enthusiast who's been writing about beauty for over 10 years. Her favourite part of her job is recommending beauty products that her family and friends will love and benefit from. She always looks her best and says the key to great skin is a religious moisturising routine!