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2021 Buyer Guide & Product Review

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Are you feeling a bit Ape like? It is an uncomfortable fact for most men that, if you’ve got a hairy back, a lot of this hair is going to be very thick and low-lying. This makes it very hard to shave properly, and many men will suffer from nicks and cuts if they don’t take their time. The best way to deal with this problem is to get a good back shaver that will make the job a lot easier.

My Top 5 Back Shavers

In this article, I’ll go over the 5 best back shavers on the market and will detail their pros, cons, and everything in between. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to find the perfect back shaver for your needs.

Best Overall: BaKblade 2.0 Body Shaver

The 2.0 PLUS Body Shaver provides the ultimate back-shaving experience for men. With its retractable blade and ergonomic design, it makes removing unwanted body hair easy and convenient.

BaKblade 2.0 Body Shaver

The baKblade 2.0 PLUS has no moving parts and requires no batteries or charging. It’s 100 percent waterproof so you can shave wet or dry, and it also helps to reduce nicks and cuts, making it a truly luxurious experience for grooming male back hair.

The 18-inch long handle features a rotating head with a Dryglide safety blade that shaves any part of your body with ease and precision while the safety cap protects you from accidental cuts. It is 100% waterproof so you can shave your back in or out of the shower while leaving it out of the water for quick and easy use throughout the day.

Back Shaver for Men


The baKblade® 2.0 PLUS Body Shaver is an innovative, patented back shaver that promises to make your back hair removal easier and more effective than ever before. The specially designed Dryglide safety blade technology and contoured, easy-grip handle make it possible for you to safely and effortlessly shave your back, even when it’s covered in soap and water – something you won’t be able to do with a regular razor or back shaver.

  • x2 Dryglide safety blades
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Shave wet or dry
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best men’s back shaver

Best Runner-up: baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus

With the bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver you can now reach all those hard to reach places on your back, and take care of them comfortably. The Elite Plus has all the same features as the 2.0 Plus back shaver with the addition of a BAKjacket scrubbing sleeve and third DryGlide blade for a smoother and even closer shave:

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus

The 2.0 Elite Plus is the latest innovation in shaving. It features an 18 inch, 3 blade cartridge system that allows you to reach every spot on your back no matter how big or small.

With 18 inches in length when fully extended, the blade is capable of reaching even the toughest to reach spots on your back. The 3 DryGlide blade cartridges ensure a safe and secure shave with less irritation. The BAKjacket scrubbing sleeve will help to exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving your back feeling rejuvenated.

  • x3 Dryglide safety blades
  • Exfoliating scrubbing sleeve
  • 18 inches in length when unfolded
  • Blade/teeth arrangement for a quicker shave

Best Electrical: Mangroomer Back Hair Shaver

A quick and easy way to remove back hair. This back shaver features an extendable handle that can be locked into place at two different lengths. It’s lightweight and has a non-slip rubberized grip for superior control and a smooth, clean shave.

Mangroomer Electric Back Hair Shaver

Do you want to get rid of your back hair and not spend a fortune on pricey back hair removal methods and products? Do you want to get rid of your back hair and not be left with razor burn or nicks and cuts? Then this Mangroomer is the product for you.

Easily, effortlessly, and quickly eliminate excess back hair with the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver. It is a rechargeable electric back shaver that delivers a superior smooth shave with minimal effort. The razor’s handle extends and locks to a length of 2 feet for extended reach. Its non-slip rubberized grip provides ultimate control while shaving.

  • Handle extends and locks
  • 2 feet in length when fully extended
  • Best electric back shaver
  • Quick charging
  • Lightweight

Best Wet & Dry: BRO Shaver 2.2

A shaver unlike any other. The BRO SHAVER 2.2 is the ultimate back shaver that provides a smooth and comfortable shave on your back and shoulders – without irritating your skin.

BRO Shaver 2.2 Back Hair Shaver

Are you tired of the back hair that keeps getting in your way? The BRO SHAVER 2.2 is an innovative grooming tool designed for comfortable shaving of the back, chest, shoulders and back of arms. It has 2 built-in shaving heads made with dual stainless steel blades, which provide you with a crisp and clean shave every time.

The BRO SHAVER 2.2 is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and is the most powerful back shaver available today. It’s perfect for men who tend to have thicker, itchy and coarse hair along their back. The BRO SHAVER 2.2 is designed to reach every single hair on your back – even those difficult to reach areas like your lower, middle and upper back – so you can finally enjoy a smooth shave.

  • Folds down for easy travel
  • Comfy CloudTech dual razor
  • IPx9 Water Resistant
  • Detachable head for body grooming

Best Budget: baKblade 1.0 Body Shaver

baKblade is the only back shaver on the market that features DryGlide safety blade technology, making it a pain-free back shaver. Shave wet or dry with baKblade’s dual-sided design. Extra long curved handle reaches all areas of the back easily and safely.

baKblade 1.0 Body Shaver

The baKblade 1.0 is the world’s first and only back shaver with DryGlide safety blade technology. No more nicks, cuts or razor burn on your back! It’s pain-free, easy to use and 100% waterproof. Say goodbye to back pain and ingrown hairs with this ingenious device that makes it easy to keep your back smooth.

The 1.0 Body Shaver is a pain-free body shaver and back shaver specially designed for removing thick body hair and back hair. It is the best back shaver for men. The 1.0 Body Shaver’s unique patented technology allows you to shave wet or dry, with or without gel/cream/lotion, and even when there’s no shaving cream around!

  • DryGlide safety blade technology
  • Shave wet or dry
  • Designed to remove thick body hair
  • No moving parts or breakdowns
  • Replacement blades sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to shave my back?

One of the biggest questions for men is, “Do I have to shave my back?” The answer is no—unless you want to. But the majority of men believe that a smoother look and feel is preferable. Lots of men manscape and prefer a groomed appearance, but it’s a matter of personal taste.

How often should I shave my back?

Do you need to shave daily or every other day, or can you wait a week or more in between shaving sessions? The answer is up to you and how smooth you want your back to be on average.

How often should I replace my razor blades?

There is no set time on when to change a blade because it will depend on the individual person. However, in general, you can expect your blades to need changing every 5 to 10 shaves. This will make it easier for anyone with back hair to maintain a sharp blade and a smooth back without difficulty.

Do I need to use cream when shaving my back?

With the right technique, back razors are able to shave your back without any shaving cream. Your hair may be too coarse and rough and needs a little help though. Apply shaving cream beforehand for an easier and less irritating shave.


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