The Best Cordless Hair Dryers

2021 Buyer Guide & Product Review

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If you are looking for a quick fix for drying your hair, without the need to use a power socket, then you should consider getting a cordless hair dryer. Just like many other things that are now cordless, you can now also buy your very own portable hairdryer that will allow you to dry your hair quickly and easily whether you are at home or away.

My Top 4 Portable Hair Dryers

Are you tired of wires getting in your way when blow-drying your hair? You need a cordless hairdryer, and I’ve found the 5 best tried and tested wireless, battery-powered hair dryers for you:

Best Overall: umay USB Cordless Hairdryer

umay is the first cordless hair dryer. It is taking the portable hair dryer market by storm with its breakthrough technology and elegant style.

umay USB Cordless Blow Dryer

The umay Cordless Hair Dryer is a lightweight, portable hair dryer that combines the power of a full-sized model with the convenience of cordless operation. It features dual-speed settings, an adjustable hot/cold air mix, and a detachable air nozzle. The sturdy folding handle makes it easy to carry with you on-the-go.

The cordless hair dryer has the same features as its electric counterpart. You can use it at high temperatures or alternating between hot and cold air. It has excellent battery life, which means it will last up to four hours on the low setting!

Mens Manicure Kit


One of the many features that this cordless dryer has that others don’t is the USB energy-saving switch. This switch will help reduce your power consumption and extend the battery life. The battery pack can also be used as a power source for charging your mobile phone!

This was one of the best cordless hair dryers I tested. It has many features, including a powerful motor that blows hot and cold air at up to 450 watts. It can also reach high heat levels and has adjustable temperature settings.

  • 450-watt power
  • Dual speed settings
  • DC charging hole
  • Best cordless battery hairdryer
  • Detachable air nozzle

Best Runner-up: AIXF Rechargeable Hairdryer

Keep your hair looking its best on the go with this rechargeable hair dryer from AIXF. Its portable design makes it easy to take with you when you’re travelling or commuting for work. It even comes equipped with an integrated negative ion function to keep your hair shiny and healthy!

AIXF Rechargeable Portable Hairdryer

The AIXF Rechargeable Cordless Hairdryer is the perfect hair dryer for women who are on the go. Lightweight and portable, this hair dryer is designed to be used without a cord and provides 20 minutes of hot air flow or 6-8 hours of continuous cold airflow.

A portable, lightweight hair dryer with fully adjustable airflow and temperature settings for all your styling needs.

Battery powered hair dryer


This rechargeable cordless hair dryer comes with lithium-polymer batteries that allow the hair dryer to operate about 20 minutes full power or 6-8 hours on the cold heat setting, it takes approx. 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery. There is a 3-level adjustable thermostat for comfortable hair styling. This professional hair dryer also features a negative ion function to reduce static electricity in your hair.

  • Blows hot air for 20 minutes full charged
  • Blows cold air for 6-8 hours
  • 2.5 hour charge time
  • Best rechargeable battery hairdryer

Best for Travel: Ironwood Banana Battery Hairdryer

Ironwood Banana’s rechargeable battery-powered hair dryer is the best choice for customers who care about the environment and health:

ZHENREN Battery Operated Hair Dryer

Ironwood Banana is a rechargeable battery-powered hair dryer that has a foldable handle and can be used anywhere and anytime. It dries and styles the hair quickly and offers salon-quality results.

The battery-powered hair dryer from Ironwood Banana can save up to 60% power consumption and reduce carbon emission by using the energy from the newest lithium battery, and it is safer to use than conventional hair dryers too:

Cordless Portable Hairdryer


Ironwood Banana’s products are eco-friendly and energy-saving. Ironwood Banana has imported 18000MA-20000MA lithium batteries from Japan, which ensure the stability of the current and make the hair dryer run more fast and cool. The hair dryer adopts a USB interface, which is convenient for you to charge your mobile phone on the go. This product is made of high-quality material and can be used for a long time.

  • 15-35 minutes hot air
  • 3-4 hours cold air
  • 350-400W power
  • Safe temperature at 40°C
  • Foldable handle

Best Cold: ZHENREN Battery Operated Hair Dryer

If you are looking for a safe, convenient and environment-friendly hair dryer, ZHENREN Battery Operated Hair Dryer is the best choice for you.

ZHENREN Battery Operated Hair Dryer

This battery hair dryer is a high-quality hair dryer designed to look good and work well. The materials used are of the highest quality, ensuring a long life for this hair dryer. It’s specially designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry with you on your travels, so you can always look your best in whatever situation you find yourself in.

A cordless hair dryer that allows you to style your hair where you want. ZHENREN’s portable rechargeable hair dryer uses cold air at wind speed, which is more gentle than electrical heat. With advanced technology, it provides you with a convenient 3.5 hour charge time and 32W wind power to dry hair much faster than traditional methods.

Battery Operated Hair Dryer


Continuous running time is 35 min when fully charged. It also has an automatic turn-off feature for safety and low battery indication, so no need to worry about over-powering your hair, even if you’re in a rush!

  • 3.5 hour charge time
  • 32W cold air natural wind flow
  • 35min continuous running time
  • Lowe battery indication
  • Safe for kids

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best battery powered hair dryer?

The Ironwood Banana Battery Operated Hair Dryer we reviewed is an excellent cordless hair dryer. One of its best features is the ability to use both hot and cold settings depending on your preference, as well as different speeds. Negative ion technology is also used for better drying results.

Is there a cordless hair dryer from any leading brands?

You’ll be glad to know that there are some brands that offer decent cordless hair dryers, but leading brands such as Cura Luxe, Dyson, Panasonic and Alfa Inalia have not yet created a cordless hair dryer that is powerful enough to produce good results.

The batter powered blow dryers available have been made to be cordless in emergency situations or when you’re on the go. At this moment in time, there is no hair dryer that performs better than a mains powered one.

How do I use a cordless hair dryer for best results?

Always make sure to fully charge your portable hairdryer before travelling or going camping.

You can use a towel to dry the water before blowing your hair to save more energy and power.

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