The Best Mens Manicure Sets

2021 Buyer Guide & Product Review

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When you are on the move or on a business trip, you cannot afford to neglect your personal grooming when you need to look your best. The same applies to the nails on your hands, which require regular maintenance.

You can find amazing deals on mens manicure sets and nail kits online these days. There are many brands that offer affordable kits with everything you need for a complete manicure. The best manicure sets for men come in luxury travel cases made from stainless steel and include tools for hands, feet and facial grooming such as scissors, nail clippers and cuticle removers.

My Top 5 Manicure Kits for Men

I’ve put together a comprehensive review of 5 of the best men’s manicure kits to help you make a decision on which kit is the best for you!

Best Overall: H&S Men’s Manicure Set

Everything you need for the perfect at-home manicure! This portable case is built to last and comes with everything you need for a luxurious DIY manicure. With 14 stainless steel tools, these professional quality implements will last a lifetime and never rust or tarnish.

H&S Men's Manicure Set

H&S Men’s Manicure Set is a complete nail care kit, packed in a luxury-grade case. This portable collection includes everything you need to keep your nails healthy and well-groomed – including precision scissors, files, brushes, cuticle tools and more.

All tools are made from high-quality stainless steel and tungsten carbide for durability. Includes fine-tipped tweezers for removing unwanted hairs. The case is lined with red silk to protect the tools from damage or scratches.

Mens Manicure Kit


The Nail Clippers Manicure Set is portable and perfect for giving yourself a manicure wherever you are. This set is crafted from tungsten carbon steel and is presented in a steel-framed PU leather-covered case that is durable and stylish.

  • 14 stainless steel tools
  • Luxurious portable case
  • Built to last
  • Best manicure set for men

Best Runner-up: Keiby Nail Grooming Kit

The Keiby Nail Grooming Travel Kit includes everything you need to keep your nails, face and feet groomed from head to toe. Featuring a quality stainless steel tool set, it offers the same luxury of a professional manicure at home. Each piece is precisely honed and polished by hand, ensuring that every tool in the kit is comfortable and easy to use.

Keiby Nail Grooming Kit

The Keiby Citom 15pcs Manicure Set & Pedicure Set is perfect for travel, or your daily life! It comes with all the tools you need for a professional manicure and pedicure. It’s lightweight and small, so you can carry it around anywhere with ease.

It’s no secret that the male grooming industry is growing at an unparalleled rate. From beard oils to face washes, male grooming products are flying off the shelves. But when it comes to nail care, there aren’t any major brands in the market. Keiby is changing that with its premium stainless steel nail grooming travel kit that includes high-quality nail clippers, scissors, tweezers, acne needles, zigzag and olique callus removers.

  • 15pcs manicure set for men
  • Surgical grade martensitic stainless steel
  • Non-slip handle design
  • Wear & rust resistant
  • PU leather travel case

Best for Travel: marQus Manicure Set for Men

marQus is the perfect men’s manicure set for travel and everyday use. It has everything you need to keep your man hands in top shape.

marQus Manicure Set for Men

Made by German craftsmen, marQus’ luxurious manicure set for men is the perfect gift idea for the man who wants to look his best.

Each manicure set comes with two stainless steel nail clippers and a file. The clipper and file are encased in a real leather case that fits easily into your pocket or briefcase — just throw it into your carry-on and you’re good to go. The perfect gift idea for any occasion, these gorgeous manicure sets are certain to please any guy looking to groom himself!

marQus Manicure Set for Men


It might be small, but the manicure set is perfect for on the go. The travel-friendly kit has all of the essential tools for nails, and can practically fit in any bag or compartment.

  • Robust nail clippers
  • German made
  • Real protective leather case
  • Idea for travel

Best for Pedicure: Keiby Men’s Nail Clipping Kit

The Nail Clipping Kit is designed for men’s grooming. It comes with 12 high-quality stainless steel tools perfect for men’s pedicures including nail clipper, toenail clipper, nail scissors, nail file and cuticle trimmer:

Keiby Men's Nail Pedicure Kit

The only pedicure tool kit for men. Double-ended stainless steel pedicure tools with PU leather carry case. 12pcs grooming tools, multi-functional nail clipping kit, men’s pedicure set. Keeps sharp for the next 10 years.

The Keiby nail clipper set is a men’s pedicure kit, which includes 12 multi-functional tools and a leather case. It is portable and very easy to use. This pedicure kit features high-quality construction that makes it long-lasting. The nail clippers have an ergonomic design for controlled cutting with no slips or snags. The pedicure and manicure kit also has an integrated metal file for smoothing the nails after the trimming process, eliminating any rough edges. The convenient leather carrying case makes it easy to take your pedicure tools wherever you go.

  • 12pcs pedicure & manicure tools
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Keeps sharp for 10 years
  • PU leather carry case
  • Best men’s pedicure kit

Best Budget: Leipple Professional Manicure Set

A complete manicure kit in a gorgeous premium leather case, containing everything a man needs to keep his nails looking clean and sharp:

Leipple Professional Manicure Set for Men

Our 16-pcs Manicure Set is a great gift for men and can be used to groom and shape all types of nails. It features stainless steel nail clippers, emery boards, nail file and cuticle nippers for precision shaping.

All the tools you need are within easy reach with this portable manicure set, which includes scissors, nail clippers, cuticle nippers and more. This gift is ideal for men who want to look good wherever they go.

This 16-Piece professional manicure set is the perfect way to look your best! The heavy-duty stainless steel tools can cut through nails of all thicknesses. The portable leather case keeps your manicure set neatly stored and organised.

  • 16pcs men’s manicure set
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Portable leather case
  • Non-slip handle design
  • Keeps sharp for 10 years

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a male manicure?

A manicure for men can sound complicated, but it’s really not. The basics of a mani include filing nails, softening skin on the hands, and shaping cuticles. Despite their simplicity, these tasks need to be handled carefully and with respect.

How to use a mens manicure set?

Trimming your nails with clippers is an easy way to stay clean and neat, but there is a better way. The goal is for the trimmed nail section to follow the natural curve of your nail. So start trimming in small sections. And remember, keep some white nail border around your nails so they don’t look too edgy.

You should trim any and all hangnails and dry skin around the nail bed with a cuticle clipper. Make sure you don’t trim off any healthy cuticles.

First, hold the rougher side of your nail file perpendicular to your nail. Then, make gentle strokes in all directions to smooth any rough edges. Repeat this process on the other side of the file to create a smoother nail. Then finally, use the pointed end of the nail file to remove any dirt left under the nails.

What’s in a mens manicure kit?

A basic male manicure set or mens nail kit should include the following tools:

Nail clippers: are perfect for clipping those long nails.

Nail scissors: essential for trimming nails, cuticles, and even trimming ear hair!

Nail file/cleaner:  smoothes and shapes the nail after trimming.

Cuticle nippers: a must-have if you want to groom your nails with precision. They’re perfect for cutting excess cuticles and any remaining skin around the nail.

Tweezers: perfect for removing those pesky hangnails and splinters you can never seem to find.

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