Braun Silk Epil Skin Spa Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator with Trimmer and Shaver

Long lasting hair removal that more gentle on your skin with cordless Wet and Dry feature. The Wet feature is for use in the bath and shower.

Removes up to 4 x shorter hair than waxing and deep exfoliating action that’s 6 x more effective than you manually doing this yourself.

Upgrade your hair removal method to an affordable epilator with much more to offer with 6 extra attachments, one device does it all!

Our Product Review

Fed up with short term results from daily shaving or waxing, then it’s time to make a change to your body hair removal technique. Silk-epil 9 Skinspa 9-961e is a high tech Wet and Dry cordless epilator that not only removes unwanted hair from the root but treats your skin to a spa session to reveal smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.

  •  Join so many women achieving instant results with a well know trusted brand.
  • Cordless Wet and Dry device is ideal to work in the bath and shower to give you a more comfortable experience
  • 6 extra attachments from exfoliation brush heads to trimmer head
  • Catches the smallest hair from 0.5mm means you’ll achieve ultimate hair free skin
  • Pulsating vibrations provides a more gentle application

Silk-epil9 Skinspa 9-961e is your weapon of choice for longer lasting hair free skin with less irritation caused by ingrown hairs.

Beautiful skin start from exfoliating action, with the massaging attachment that rotates to stimulate and removing dead skin to reveal healthy conditioned skin. This epilator not only takes careyou’re your body hair removal, it also has additional features you need to treat your skin like you would in a spa.  With its exfoliating brush with different triangular filament lengths allows for an intense dead skin removal, whilst releases in growing hairs in the process. So effective it’s 6 times more effective than manual exfoliating.

Silk-epil 9 Skinspa 9-961e has been designed with enhanced features compared to previous Braun models. Braun understand the larger treatment zones take you longer to work on and wants to make this process quicker and easier for you with a 40% larger head will mean you’ll be hair free in no time.

It’s time to bin you old shavers and exfoliating scrubs, this body hair removal epilator meets all your needs with the 6 attachments included:

  • A deep exfoliating brush will intensively work to transform your skin, by the removal of dead skin and dirt build up
  • Sensitive exfoliating brush is perfect top up treatment to maintain beautiful even skin tone or just to work on more sensitive areas
  • Shaver head is ideal on areas where you prefer not to epilate
  • Trimmer head perfect for keeping sensitive areas tidy and just as you like
  • Power Cap to be used during epilation enhances skin contact, to catch more of those unwanted hairs and results in a faster application
  • Epilator head developed using 40 Micro grip tweezers

Body and leg hair removal epilator features:

  • Cordless design means you can easily use the device in the shower or bath
  • Works with the contours of your body with a pivoting head.
  • Fast charging in only 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Even the smallest hairs are caught with Smartlight feature
  • 2 speed settings, allows for more gentle application ideals for beginners, to faster application for the experienced users.
  • No problem getting the device wet it’s a 100% waterproof.
  • Dermatologically recommended by the skin care experts.

Body hair removal epilator includes:

  • Silk-epil 9 Skinspa 961e epilator
  • Deep exfoliating brush head
  • Sensitive exfoliating brush head
  • Shaver head
  • Trimmer head
  • Power Cap
  • Cleaning brush
  • Charging cable with a 2 pin UK plug


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