Nads Mens Hair Removal Cream

Men’s painless body hair removal of the chest, back, legs and arms.

Coarse hair is removed in as little as 4 minutes to reveal super smooth skin.

Our Product Review

Body hair removal for men that results in smooth hair free skin in no time!

  • Hair free skin achieved in minutes and lasts twice as long as shaving
  • Developed pacifically for painless coarse body hair removal
  • Effective on the Chest, Back, Arms and Legs
  • Gentle to your skin with added Aloe Vera

Application is easy, just add an even layer of cream to the unwanted hair, leave for as little as 4 minutes and the hair will dissolve, then simply wipe and rinse clean.

2 Pieces- 200ml (6.8 oz) Nads Hair Removal Cream with Aloe Vera.

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