Panasonic ES-WH80 Cordless IPL Hair Removal System

Longer hair-free skin forever is for the taken, update your hair removal method and replace with modern IPL technology for long-lasting hair removal at an affordable price.

Achieve ultimate hair-free skin suitable for body hair removal including the bikini area.

Our Product Review

Bin your old traditional way for complete body hair removal and say hello to long-lasting hair-free skin that you’ll have no worries to show off. The Panasonic ES-WH80 is a high tech way to achieve longer lasting hair-free skin using IPL technology.

  • Complete body hair removal from the arms including underarms, legs and bikini line
  • The cordless design means you can you carry this device with you without worrying about charging points and cables
  • 5 energy settings that work in accordance with skin and hair colour
  • No need to worry about recharging with the long lasting battery life
  • All treatments completed in the comfort of your own home

Why not use the most effective body hair removal treatment that will save you time and reveal skin that your happy bare. No more short term results and no more messy bathrooms. IPL uses no creams or gels and is a painless way to remove unwanted hair for longer. This remarkable device really is a superior way to hair-free skin, it simply outperforms your traditional hair removing method and all this can be achieved without numerous trips to the salon.

Faster treatment times with a 5.4cm wide head means there’s a bigger flash window for your treatment application, this results in treatment time from just 90 seconds for both underarms to 5 min for each leg.

The stylish lightweight design that easily fits in the palm of your hand allows for easy application, where you just press and glide the device over the treatment area, it’s effortless even in those harder to reach areas.

The Long life Li-on battery does what it says, it provides long-lasting power for 600 flashes per charge, allowing you to complete your body hair removal in one go. Panasonic knows this is an important feature and following internal tests states it takes about 500 flashes for the treatment of the whole body.

Panasonic ES-WH80 Body Hair Removal features:

  • 600 IPL flashes in one charge
  • Bulb typical life is 20,000 IPL flashes and this is approximately 2 to 3 years use
  • Cordless device
  • Integrated UV filter to protect the skin
  • Long life Li-on battery
  • Universal voltage with a range of 100 to 240V
  • Charging time is 180 minutes
  • Weight 341 g

Panasonic IPL Body Hair Removal Includes:

  • Panasonic ES-WH80 IPL
  • Charger
  • 1 x Additional Lamp
  • Instructions

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