Philips Lumea SC2005/00 IPL
Philips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPLPhilips Lumea SC2005/00 IPL

Philips Lumea SC2005/00 IPL

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Choose one of the most effective cordless IPL devices to give you smooth hair free skin for up to 8 weeks.

Painless hair removal is the ultimate method and is gentle to your skin with integrated UV filter.


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Product Description

Philips Lumea SC2005/00 Prestige gives you smooth hair free skin in 4 easy steps. No complicated instructions to follow, just long lasting hair removal made simple.

  • Over 75% hair reduction after 8 weeks of treatments
  • Painless body hair removal of legs, arms, underarms, bikini and belly areas (not suitable for the facial area).
  • As chosen by over 1 million women*, it’s easy to understand why with 14 years of Philips research developed to bring you ultimate hair removal
  • Fast treatment with legs takes as little as 8 minutes each
  • Cordless device gives you complete flexibility and allows you to reach trickier areas.
  • Quick charging in 100 minutes

Wanting a little extra from your chosen IPL device, well Lumea SC2005/00 is one of the most effective IPL cordless devices. The results will be significant and will give you a fantastic return on your IPL investment with up to 75% hair decrease in just 8 weeks. Just read some of the reviews from women that think the results are incredible.

What makes this device stand out from the rest is the long life span. With over 250,000 flashes included, this is a purchases that will last and with at least a two year guarantee you can enjoy continuously hair free skin for a significant amount of time. Once your device is fully charged it will provide a minimum of 370 flashes so you’ll have no problem completing a full body treatment and the wide body attachment means treatment times are quicker on larger areas.

The bikini area can be treated and can include just the bikini line or more if you desire. The Lumea is designed to be safe enough to be used for a Brazilian or Hollywood. However, never use Lumea near the most intimate areas, please consult your instructions or Philips website.

Suitable for many women with naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair. Not suitable for red, light blonde, white and grey hair and those with very dark skin.

Philips Lumea SC2005/00 Prestige Body Hair Removal Features:

Your skin is protected during the treatment with an integrated UV filter.

If you have sensitive skin or more delicate areas, this high tech device is suitable for you too.

As you know we are not always the same all over our body, sometimes we can be more sensitive in certain areas or simply some hair might be darker in some areas than others, this is no problem with the customised energy settings to meet your treatment needs,

Body hair removal treatments completed in no time:

  • 8 Minutes Lower leg
  • 1 Minute Underarm
  • 1 Minute Bikini Line

4 Easy Steps to Follow:

Step 1- Before your first use, we want to make the treatment as effective as possible. So just remove excess hair by using you usual body hair removal technique whether that be shaving, creams or waxing etc.

Step 2- Now you need to compare your skin tone to the skin chart that is provided. This chart will tell you which energy setting you need to select on your device for that particular area, this is to ensure you will achieve the best results possible.

Step 3- Turn your Lumea on and hold the device to your skin. Now wait for the ready to flash light to turn on and press the flash button.

Step 4-Nows the time to treat those unwanted hairs. Just glide the Lumea across the area of skin where you have that unwanted hair and avoid flashing the same spot. The flashing light pulses will target the hair and hair follicle, the hair will shed away and the follicle will be switched to an inactive state, this means no further hair regrowth!

Phillips IPL Lumea Includes:

  • Lumea Prestige SC2005/00
  • 4cm2 Body attachment
  • Charger
  • Storage pouch
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 2 Year Guarantee

*Based on sales data less returns until April 2015
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