Rapidtan HVLP Airbrush Spray Tan Kit with Tent, 6x Tan Solutions & More

Start your business with a complete spray tan kit for an affordable price, whilst not comprising on quality.

Including the well respected and popular Spraytanpro Rapidtan Spray Tan Machine, Siennasol tanning solution, 2 metre hose for greater movement, disposables and more!

Our Product Review

Rapidtan Spray Tan Kit gives you exactly what you need to start spray tanning immediately:

  • The modern HVLP users a turbine to deliver high end salon quality results and can be little louder than older airbrush systems but the results are fantastic
  • Any tanning solution can be used and 6 Siennasol Tanning solution are included which vary in shades depending on availability.
  • Large Pop tent will give you and your client more room to move.
  • Disposables, barrier cream and exfoliator is included, everything you need to start spray tanning

The Spray tan kit is designed is versatile enough to be used in salons or a mobile setup, in addition this kit works equally well for those that work from home. This spray tanning kit is so compact and light, whilst easy to setup makes this kit stand out from the rest.

The Popup tent is great addition to your kit. Not only doing its main job of keeping the tanning solution on the client and away from everything else, it’s easy to setup and fold way. The large tent allows easy access for the client to easily step into and out. The additional great feature is that an extractor fan can be used to capture overspray (see other listings for extractors).

Enhanced German engineered Venturi needle, is truly a superb addition, to support precise application so you are more in control of where the tan goes!

Rapidtan Spray Tan Kit includes:

  • Spraytanpro Rapidtan Spray Tan Machine
  • Professional popup tent  217cm x 130cm x 120 cm
  • 6 x 100ml Siennasol Tanning Solution
  • 2 metre hose allows greater freedom to reach more difficult areas
  • Adjusting nozzle to help you stay in control of the spray tanning application and reduce overspray
  • 100ml Barrier Cream
  • 100ml Exfoliator
  • 5 x Sticky feet
  • 5x bras
  • 5 x Thongs
  • 5x Caps
  • User Manual

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