SmoothSkin Gold 300 IPL Hair Removal System

One of the most effective and powerful IPL hair removal device

12 treatment will result in permanent hair removal followed up by maintenance treatments as often as required.

SmoothSkin Gold is unique with an automatic skin tone detector by using sensors to measure and adjust to skin tone immediately before the IPL pulse.

Our Product Review

Try to imagine never shaving, waxing or using you epilator again and always having beautiful hair free skin. You no longer need to imagine this you can achieve this using the SmoothSkin Gold body hair removal device.

  • One hair removal device does it all, including the body, bikini and facial areas
  • Suitable for skin tones 1 to 5, suitable for all apart from the darkest skin tones.  Not suitable for the following hair colours red, grey or very light blonde
  • Faster and most powerful device on the market for hair body removal. With a full body treatment achieved in less than 20 minutes
  • Treatment as little as once a week for 12 weeks, followed by a 20 minute maintenance treatment you will see amazing results, that you’d wish you started sooner
  • No additional purchases of gels or cartridges
  • Automatic skin tone detector, eliminates the need for you to select the right skin tone setting.

With enhanced features that many other IPL products just don’t offer and great customer reviews, it’s easy to see why so many women and men have chosen SmoothSkin Gold. Not only given you complete body hair removal this includes the bikini line and facial area.

For many the difficult part comes from when selecting the right skin tone setting, especially when some of your skin hasn’t seen as much daylight compared to other areas. SmoothSkin resolves this for you and has a unique feature called ‘Detech and Set’ which works by measuring your skin tone just before each pulse, using two skin tone sensors will automatically determine the right skin tone setting for you and will adjust when necessary to deliver the ultimate safe and fast way to remove that unwanted hair.

Body Hair Removal Treatment Times:

  • Lower legs – 8.75 minute
  • Upper legs -8.75 minutes
  • Bikini line-0.88 minutes
  • Upper lip- 0.05 minutes
  • Total treatment achieved just under 20 minutes!

SmoothSkin body hair removal device features:

  • Proven by clinical trials and endorsed by skin care professionals
  • Detech and Set features means you don’t need to worrying about selecting the right skin tone setting the device does this for you
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • SmoothSkin derived from a 30 year heritage in light based beauty

SmoothSkin IPL 300 includes:

  • SmoothSkin Gold Device
  • Quick setup guide
  • 1 x Mains cable
  • 1 x Power pack
  • 1 x Storage Pouch
  • 1 x User Manual

How body hair removal using IPL technology works?

Using IPL technology is a gentle and safe way to remove unwanted hair by targeting the melanin in the hair root hair to permanently remove the hair and inhibit hair regrowth. As each hair follicle is independent, each can be at a different stage of the hair growth cycle, the IPL pulse will set the hair to the resting phase and the hair will simply fall out and further hair regrowth in inhibited. 20 minute top-up treatments are to be expected to keep the hair follicle in the inactive phase.

3 simple settings to meet all your needs, Glide, Stamp and Gentle Mode. Glide setting is designed to work on large areas and simply glides across areas like your legs, while Stamp setting is perfect for smaller delicate areas and Gentle mode is designed to work on sensitive areas and anyone that has sensitive skin.

With 200,000 flashes and following the typical treatment regime will give your device a typical lifespan of 10 years, representing great value and is going to save you so much time and frustration. With the time between each flash being less than one second meaning you can complete a full body treatment in just under 20 minutes.

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