The Best Spray Tan Kits

2021 Buyer Guide & Product Review

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Many of us like the tanned look and feel it makes us look healthier. It’s also handy for reducing the appearance of blemishes! But we also know that sitting out in the sun for hours or using a sunbed isn’t healthy and can have serious consequences.

The solution? An artificial tan. And the best way to get an effortless, natural-looking, artificial tan? A spray tan!

But what’s the best spray tan machine? Which spray tan gun is easiest to use, and which of the many spray tan kits available includes everything you need?

I’ve answered those questions for you and picked my top 6 spray tan machines and kits, along with some essential spray tan accessories.

My Top 6 Spray Tan Kits

Here are my 6 best spray tan kits with tents, lotions and tanning machines:

Best Overall: LA Tanning Spray Tan Kit

My favourite spray tan kit is the LA Tanning Spray Tan Kit, which offers fantastic value. It includes an HVLP TS20 Maxi Machine, a roomy pop-up spray tan tent, a spray gun and a host of accessories. It also comes with not just one, but seven bottles of award-winning LA Tan Solution. Whether you want to give yourself a truly professional spray tan or start your own spray-tanning business, this kit is up to the job.

  • Fantastic price
  • Suitable for professional use, with essential accessories: self-tan mousse, disposable caps, G-strings and sticky feet
  • Lightweight kit (great for mobile spray technicians)
  • Includes 7 bottles of alcohol-free, fragrance-free LA Tan Spray Solution
  • Pamper as you tan: LA Tan Spray Solution is enriched with vitamins, white and green tea extracts, and contains 100% Eco Cert DHA

Best Runner Up: MaxiMist Evolution Tanning Kit

Coming in close second place is the MaxiMist Evolution TNT Spray Tanning Kit. MaxiMist is a well-established brand, and in this kit, an easy-to-use, high-quality Maximist spray tan machine is paired up with a full range of Suntana Spray Tan Solutions and multiple accessories.

It’s also the ideal spray tan kit for technicians just starting out, as it includes a client consultation record pad and 10 appointment cards, pre-printed with pre-tanning and post-tanning tips! Just buy this kit and get started.

  • Top-quality spray machine, with great reliability and performance, and variable speed control
  • Includes pop-up tent and lightweight Twist N Tan spray gun with three heads
  • Full range of Suntana Spray Tan Solutions: 1 each of Coconut (light), Cherry (medium), Chocolate (dark), Blackberry (‘after dark’ – deepest shade) and Strawberry Vanilla Rapid Tan solutions, enriched with fruit extracts.
  • Blow-dry feature to quickly dry your client
  • The accessory pack includes appointment cards, consultation notepad, 1 pair of sticky feet, G string, nose filter, hair cap, 1 x 250ml Maximist gun maintenance cleaner and 1x 200ml barrier cream

Best for Beginners: MaxiMist Lite Plus Tanning Kit

If you’re trying spray tanning for the first time, it can be a daunting experience! You might be worried about how difficult it will be and what kind of results you’ll get. What you need is a kit that’s easy to use and guaranteed to give great results.

That’s why I recommend the MaxiMist Lite Plus Complete Tanning Kit for novice sprayers. It’s competitively priced and equips you with all you need to get started, including a high-performance MaxiMist Lite Plus spray tan machine, a super lightweight spray tan gun and a gun cleaning solution to keep everything working smoothly. Most importantly, full instructions help ensure you get a perfect tan, first time and every time!

  • Detailed instruction manuals on machine set up, tanning process and equipment maintenance
  • Includes 5 x 250ml Suntana Spray Tan Solution set enriched with fruit extracts: 4 tan shades and a bottle of Strawberry Vanilla Rapid Tan solution
  • Supplied with 2 extra cups: switch tanning solutions between applications without emptying and refilling
  • Spray gun cleaning solution and pop-up tent included

Best for Salons: Maximist Pro TNT Tanning Kit

For salon owners, spray tanning kits that can deliver perfect results quickly and reliably are a must. Enter the ultimate MaxiMist spray tan machine: the MaxiMist Pro TNT, with a powerful 570-watt 2 stage variable speed turbine motor.

Rated as suitable for 40+ applications a day, it’s a professional spray tan machine that won’t let you down. This MaxiMist marvel is part of the Maximist Pro Complete Tanning Kit, which also includes a client disposables kit and pop-up tanning booth with clear top panels. 250ml bottles of all four spray tan shades in the Suntana range are also provided, from Coconut (light tan) to Blackberry (their darkest shade), plus a 250ml bottle of Suntana’s Strawberry and Vanilla Rapid Spray Tan Solution.

  • MaxiMist Pro TNT: rated for 40+ applications per day, with 570-watt motor
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Includes high-quality spray tan solutions from Suntana: 1 x 250ml bottle of each of their 4 shades plus Strawberry and Vanilla Rapid Spray Tan Solution
  • Client disposables pack and 3 x spray heads included
  • Pop-up tanning tent with carrying bag

Best for Mobility: Tanning Essentials Pro V Glam Kit

For spray tan technicians who offer a mobile service, it’s essential to have a spray tan kit that’s lightweight, quiet, easy to carry, reliable, quick to set up—and won’t break the bank. That’s why my top pick for great mobility is the Tanning Essentials Pro V Glam Tanning Kit.

Designed to give professional results, this kit contains a powerful Pro V tanning machine. The Prov V has six power settings, so it’s versatile and can give exactly the result you want—and you can store your favourite settings, thanks to its smart memory feature.

  • Low maintenance and lightweight
  • Six power settings
  • Smart memory feature
  • Pop-up tanning tent with stain-resistant floor and zip-up carrier included
  • Free set of all 5 Suntana Spray Tan Solutions

Best Lightweight: LA Tanning Mobile Spray Tan Machine

If you’re planning to share a spray tan kit with friends or start your own business as a spray tan technician, you’ll want a lightweight spray tan machine at a great price. The LA Tanning Mobile Spray Tan Machine fits the bill perfectly and even comes with a UK & EU plug, ideal if you have clients or friends in Europe, or want to take it on holiday!

It also comes with four free bottles of award-winning LA Spray tan solution, which is free of animal products and designed to be kind to your skin.

  • Can be used in the EU
  • Comes with 4 FREE bottles of high-quality, vitamin-enriched vegan spray tan solution
  • Award-winning LA Spray Tan Solution—paraben and alcohol-free
  • Lightweight, portable machine with micro-whirlwind technology

Spray Tan Kit Accessories

To ensure you or your clients get an even tan, and those delicate areas are protected, you’ll need to stock up on some important spray tan accessories, and high-quality spray tan solutions for a bronzed, rather than blotchy, look! Here are my top choices:

Spray Tan Solution

Perfect for those wanting a healthy Mediterranean glow, Spatan Spray Tan Solution is kind to your skin, as it’s made with no fragrances, alcohol or parabens. Its Rapidtan technology means it gives you a dark, rich, streak-free, quick-drying tan—and with added erythrulose, that perfect tan will last even longer!

It also comes with a money-back guarantee, but this product gets such great reviews that I honestly can’t imagine you need to claim on it!

  • Quick-drying and easy to apply, with no streaks
  • Free from any parabens, alcohol or artificial fragrances
  • Gives a natural, rich, dark tan
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Contains erythrulose to prolong your tan

Spray Tan Knickers

To protect sensitive areas and provide modesty, while ensuring an all-over tan, you or your clients will need disposable G-strings.

This pack of Spray Tan Disposable G-Strings is ideal if you’re setting up your own salon or mobile spray tan service, as it contains 50 G-strings, each individually wrapped to ensure hygiene and provide client reassurance. They can also be used for waxing and massage treatments.

  • Can be used for tanning, waxing or massage treatments
  • Provides protection of sensitive areas during tanning or waxing
  • Opaque for client modesty
  • Individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience

Disposable Sticky Feet

If your soles are uncovered during spray tanning, they may become stained with excess spray tan solution—and nobody wants to show off bright orange soles on the sun lounger!

This Economy Pack of 60 Pairs (120 Feet) of Disposable Sticky Feet is of great value, helping you reduce start-up costs if you’re launching your own spray tanning business. These sticky feet are incredibly simple and convenient to use, too!

They come in a large size, so they fit bigger feet but can also be quickly trimmed down if necessary. Then you just remove the sticky tabs, step on your sticky feet, and go! Reviewers are impressed by the great price and eco-friendly credentials.

  • Great value pack for salons or mobile spray tan techs
  • Large enough to fit bigger feet
  • Easy to trim down for smaller feet
  • Simple to apply and remove
  • Can also be used for hygiene in spas or hotels etc
  • Recyclable—made of cardboard, not foam

Disposable Spray Tanning Cap

Spray tan solution is definitely not designed for your hair, so ensure you keep your hair protected during a spray tan with a disposable cap.

This pack of Disposable White Spray Tanning Caps contains 50 mob-style caps that can also be used during facial treatments. Reviewers love the secure hold of these caps and find them brilliant for use during make-up application too.

  • Protects hair during spray tanning
  • Holds hair securely
  • Ideal for use during facial treatments and make-up application
  • Multipack of 50 caps at a great price

Frequently Asked Questions

First-time spray tanner? Here are answers to some of the questions that you might have!

What’s the best spray tan machine for home use?

Many spray tan machines are suitable for home and business use, but you will want one that’s compact and easy to store. If you’re taking it on holiday, it’s important to choose a machine that’s lightweight and portable.

What equipment do you need for spray tanning?

A spray tan machine with a spray tan gun, a tanning booth or tent and spray tan solution are the basics, but you should also use a cap, G-string and sticky feet to protect areas that are sensitive or prone to staining.

What’s the best spray tan solution?

If you have sensitive skin, look for an alcohol-free, fragrance-free spray tan solution. Many are now paraben-free, too, as there have been some concerns about the health risks posed by parabens. Some spray tan solutions have natural fragrances to mask the sometimes unpleasant smell of the chemicals, added moisturisers or vitamins, and additives that can prolong your tan, such as erythrulose.

How much tanning solution should I apply?

Follow the instructions for both your tanning machine and your spray tan solution carefully, so that you use the correct settings, spray head and solution quantity to get the result you want.

Can I shower after I spray tan?

You should wait at least 4 hours after a spray tan session before showering, and preferably 8 hours to give the tan time to develop. Don’t use any soap or shower gel and pat, rather than rub, yourself dry.

How long will my spray tan last?

Darker tans tend to last longer, and some spray tan solutions contain tan-prolonging additives. But on average, your tan will reach its final colour 24 hours after your spray tan session, and last for about a week after that.

Remember, always follow instructions on your spray tanning machine, spray tan gun and spray tan solution carefully for the best results. Happy tanning!

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